Team Universe Cheer Training Facility

131 Commercial Court

Rincon.GA 31326

(912) 826-0492

My name is Deontai Price. This has truly been a dream come true. After all the years of talking about what I'm going to do, well it is finally here. For those who know me, know my passion for what I do! This company is dedicated to all those people who believed in me and pushed me to get better on my craft. For my friends, You know exactly what this company name derives from! It is a lifestyle that I will pour into this company!

I am a Georgia native, raised in Warner Robins. Grew up playing every sport possible, from football, basketball, soccer, track, and wrestling. Being an athlete is an understatement. I never considered being a cheerleader until I was in middle school. My mother and I went to pick up my little sister from all-star cheer practice. I remembered my mother talking to the coach while I was shooting basketball at the gym where practice was held. I heard my mother say "well my son can 'flip' pretty good!" not knowing then, that the proper cheer word is called tumbling. After that evening, I became a Cheerleader, even though there were not many guys in the sport at this time. Soon after I joined the cheer team, I then convinced many of my football buddies to join with me. By high school I was playing football at Northside high, which is a powerhouse in football,  I was able to recruit the starting quarterback, running back, and cornerback to cheer for my all-star team. This is the very team that was level 5 and went on to win Cheersport Nationals. By this time I was a NCA High school All-American.

After graduating from high school, I received a scholarship to cheer at Miles College in Birmingham, AL. After a year in Birmingham, I transferred to Georgia Southern University and cheered there for four years. I spent the final two years as captain, where I was responsible for recruiting and making a big push to compete at NCA College Nationals. After doing so, the All-Girl team went on to win three national titles. I became a 2-time NCA Collegiate All-American. I was a member of NCA staff, where I would spend my summers traveling around the country teaching cheer camps. This is where I discovered my passion in helping young people achieve their cheer goals.

After graduating from Georgia Southern, I began coaching in the All-Star world, where I have been doing that ever since.



- USASF certified levels 1-5

- Cheered at the Allstar level

- Cheered at the college level

- High school All-American

- Collegiate All-American

- Coached at Allstar level

- Coached at Middle and High school level

- Taught camps during the Summer

- Judged at the Middle and High School level


To My Mentor: Thank you Jimmy for being a great coach, mentor, and most importantly a great friend. I have sat back and learned from you and soaked in your knowledge. My dreams and aspirations of owning my own business would not be possible without you. Thanks again buddy!